Friday, February 2, 2007

A short poem for Ashura

Just copying-and-pasting a beautiful note a friend of mine posted on Facebook... -ms

Dear Brothers and Sister,
Asalamu a'lacheim wa ramatula wa bharakatu. I hope this letter finds you well, although today is indeed a somber affair. Today many years ago a prince of Islam was slain on the battlefield of Karbala by jealous, envious, men of darkness (may they never rise from Gehenom). Whether you are Sunni, Shi’a, or Sufi we all agree that the battle of Karbala did occur and that the blessed Prophets family was all but exterminated. I think it is incumbent upon all of us to remember this day and to take particular care of people around the globe who are suffering in similar ways as our blessed Prophets grandson Imam Husayn. I was just thinking that next year we should encourage all Muslims to take off of work and school to 1) remember Husayn’s sacrifice, and 2) to spend that day doing something that will contribute to Social Justice, and human fairness.

I am new to Islam, so I don’t know all the nuances of the Shi’a /Sunni debate, but I do love the prophet and I do love Imam Husayn for his sacrifice for justice and Islam. I have written a poem that I hope contributes in some small way to remembering this great man.
Thank You

Song for Husayn

Bismillah ir Rachman irrachim

In the Name of Allah the Most Merciful the Most beneficent
In the name of the One who created man, created man from a clot.
Oh did you weep my Lord when they shot him down,
Oh did you weep my Savior when they slew your beautiful son.
Those dark swords of shaitain resembled firon’s,
They were the handy work of Abu Lahab.
Oh did you weep Angels of light when they rent his garments,
Oh did you weep Gibreal when they cut down his strong nephew.
The one’s who killed the blessed Prophet’s family will burn forever,
Woe to his unfortunate progeny.
Oh Muhommed how did your heart sink when those evil doers plotted,
Oh how did your heart sink when they shed your blood?
Though your son did fight beautifully and courageously
Their evil might was too much.

This is a song for the one who gave his life for the Ummah,
This is a song for the one who gave his life for Islam.
Verily the handsome hand of God did stand for Justice,
Verily the handsome hand slew the losers with Truth.
In his life Allah was with him,
And on that faithful field he returned to Allah.
As it is written: Our Lord forgive our sins, To You alone is the eventual return.
So his name, that beautiful man, will be named chief among martyrs;
His name leads the youth in heaven,
His name will always be remembered in this life and in the next.

Allah please shower blessings upon Imam Husayn and the fallen martyrs of Karbala
Allah please bless Imam Husayn’s awesome and terrible sacrifice,
Allah please bless the light of the world Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) and his cherished family for now and forevermore. Amin